1. SolarH2O Leasing, this request for a rezoning will be heard by the Pima County Board Of Supervisors on March 21, 9:00 AM. The rezoning applies to a change of 1.68 acres from CR-1 (Single Residence - Conditional) to CB-2 (General Business), on Tanque Verde Road near Tanque Verde Loop Road, for a self-storage, office, and RV/Boat storage facility. Recommended for approval by Pima County Planning and Zoning Commission to the Board of Supervisors. 

Please attend this important meeting!
Meeting Location:

Board of Supervisors Hearing Room
Pima County Administration Building 
130 West Congress, 1st Floor 
Tucson, AZ

Downtown Parking Garages

The Board of the Tanque Verde Valley Association opposes this proposed change from residential to commercial zoning as it is not appropriate for a variety of reasons. 

There are alternative commercially zoned lots in the area that could be used for the proposed activities.  There is no need for additional commercial activities at this particular site.  There are no other properties in the immediate area that have been changed from residential to commercial (SR or CR1 to CB1).  Pima County and local residents have been very consistent in not allowing commercial development in the Tanque Verde Valley and have always worked to maintain the rural characteristics of the Tanque Verde Valley.  

One major concern is traffic safety and the potential for pedestrians to get injured from an increase in commercial trucks and RVs from the proposed activities.  Pima County recently invested a considerable amount of resources installing a cross walk at Emily Grey Middle School, which is  across Tanque Verde Road from the proposed rezoning. There is no stop light or stop sign on Tanque Verde near this location and large commercial vehicles entering the flow of traffic would be a major safety issue for pedestrians, bike riders (there are a lot of bike riders on Tanque Verde) and, especially, school children.  There is no question that an increase in RV and commercial traffic on Tanque Verde would increase the probability of a traffic accident.  Additionally, Pima County has proposed a multi-lane flow through intersection (if resources can be located) for the intersection of Tanque Verde and Tanque Verde Loop and the increased commercial activity would create additional safety issues at this intersection.

 Click HERE for the full Planning & Zoning Report

2. City of Tucson Annexation, Desert Willow, 349 acres at Tanque Verde Road and Houghton Road. Read more here. 

1. SolarH2O Leasing, this request for a rezoning was postponed by the Pima County Board Of Supervisors until May 16. The rezoning applies to a change of 1.68 acres from CR-1 (Single Residence - Conditional) to CB-2 (General Business), on Tanque Verde Road near Tanque Verde Loop Road, for a self-storage, office, and RV/Boat storage facility. It was recommended for approval by the Pima County Planning and Zoning Commission to the Board of Supervisors. 

2. City of Tucson Annexation, Desert Willow, 349 acres at Tanque Verde Road and Houghton Road. Read more here. We have no updates on this action.

1. Recap of Fall General Meeting. About 30 neighbors attended our meeting on Sept. 26th, 7:00 pm at the Tanque Verde Lutheran Church. After a welcome and introductions from our TVVA Board President Peter Reinthal, we began the program. 

Catlow Shipek from the Watershed Management Group gave us an update on the River Run Network and Sabino/Tanque Verde Creek program. Check out their webpage for more information:

Supervisor Steve Christy and his staff discussed the “Just Fix The Roads” program. This program includes a $0.25 property tax increase per $100 of assessed value to go towards road maintenance, and a 13 member Transportation Advisory Committee appointed by each Supervisor and the County Administrator. 
Beth Borozan welcomed us, and introduced Steve Christy District 4 Supervisor, who discussed some of the funding and property tax issues. Next, Lucretia Free told us about the Transportation Advisory Committee and their duties to work with local groups and councils to help prioritize how funding is applied to road repairs. Carmine DeBonis, Deputy County Administrator, gave an excellent presentation on road funding, where funding comes from and how it is applied. Dick Katz, Southeast Regional Council member, told us about his group that works with the County to prioritize road work funding in their area.

After the presentations we enjoyed cookies and lemonade, and great discussions with our guests and neighbors.

2. SolarH2O Rezoning Request. This request for a rezoning was denied by the Pima County Board Of Supervisors. The rezoning request applied to a change of 1.68 acres from CR-1 (Single Residence - Conditional) to CB-2 (General Business), on Tanque Verde Road near Tanque Verde Loop Road, for a self-storage, office, and RV/Boat storage facility. The owners must wait one year before submitting this plan again, but can submit a different plan with lesser impact before then.

Tanque Verde Falls Recreation Enhancement Project

The Coronado National Forest requested public comments on their proposed Tanque Verde Falls Recreation Enhancement Project. Comments were due by June 21, 2018. The project would develop recreation facilities, improve non-motorized recreation trails and remediate resource damage in the vicinity of Tanque Verde Falls, the commonly used name for a two mile stretch of Tanque Verde Canyon located on the Santa Catalina Ranger District at approximately 3,000 feet in elevation within Township 13S, Range 16E, Section 36. The scoping summary, along with maps and other project- related information, can be accessed on the project webpage:

The Board of the Tanque Verde Valley Association submitted the following comments on this proposed project:

At the June 12 Board meeting of the Tanque Verde Valley Association, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to support the Tanque Verde Falls Recreation Enhancement Project (TVFREP).  Redington Pass is a popular recreation area on the eastern side of the Tanque Verde Valley and watershed. One TVVA objective is to protect riparian habitats in the Tanque Verde Valley and the proposed TVFREP is compatible to preserve and protect the character of the area. The Tanque Verde Falls area is a popular destination for both locals and visitors. Unfortunately, parking has become haphazard at best and numerous injuries/deaths on Tanque Verde Creek necessitate that the recreational infrastructure be improved. The Board of the Tanque Verde Valley Association supports the proposed improvements for the area.

Dr. Peter Reinthal, President, Tanque Verde Valley Association (   



1. New Intersection at Tanque Verde Road and Tanque Verde Loop Road

Pima County is considering changing this intersection. Click here to learn more.


2. What is a Conservation Easement and why should I want to know more?

According to the Arizona Land and Water Trust website:  A conservation easement is a legal agreement a property owner makes to restrict the type and amount of development that may take place on his or her property.  Each easement’s restrictions are tailored to the particular property and to the interests of the individual owner.  The easement has the effect of limiting real estate development while allowing certain current uses such as farming and ranching to continue.  The easement is generally put in place to protect some important conservation value of the land such as wildlife habitat. 

Some other useful websites with information on Conservation Easements are: 
The Nature Conservancy
Land Trust Alliance
Arizona Department of Revenue

A Message from our TVVA Board Member and National Ground Water Association Rural Water Subcommittee Chair, Gary Hix

Tuesday September 8, 2015 is National Groundwater Protection Day. This is a day to remind ourselves, and all our neighbors, that ephemeral washes can allow contamination to reach our groundwater very quickly during and after summer monsoon events. Sunny days and clear skies for days on end in the desert southwest can lure residents into storing many things outdoors that people in other climates would not consider doing. Sudden and heavy monsoon rains can overfill open top buckets, flood water action can erode stream banks, topple buildings and spill containers of hazardous chemicals. Monsoon runoff can infiltrate into normally dry washes and streams very quickly allowing contaminates to reach our shallow water tables. NGPD is a good day to look around our properties and make sure that we are not storing products that could contaminate our aquifers.

Read the Well Owner Maintenance Practices Manual here.

LEARN ABOUT PLANNED IMPROVEMENTS ON BROADWAY FROM CAMINO SECO TO HOUGHTON - The City of Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT) and the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) invite the public to attend an open house tomorrow to discuss Broadway Improvements from Camino Seco to Houghton Road. The meeting will be held on August 11, 2015, from 5-7:30 p.m. at Gridley Middle School, 350 S. Harrison Road. The Broadway project includes widening Broadway to four lanes, drainage improvements, landscaped medians, bike lanes, sidewalks, and street lighting. The project is funded by the City of Tucson, Pima County, and the RTA. The improvements are part of the $2.1 billion, 20-year RTA plan voters approved in 2006. Read the news release here

1. Watershed Management Group is offering an Arroyo and Erosion Control Training on March 4-5th, with a special rate for residents of the Tanque Verde Valley of $90. Details can be found at:

2. Groundwater Awareness Week March 6-12, 2016. This week the entire country is encouraged to recognize the significance of groundwater. Special events are sponsored and presentations are made by groundwater hydrologists. Southern Arizonans rely heavily on groundwater and water wells for both public and private water supplies. Protecting and preserving this most precious resource is something that everyone can participate in. This is the time of the year to be especially mindful of how easily this precious resource can be mismanaged or contaminated. Areas of shallow groundwater are especially susceptible to depletion and contamination. 
We all need to do our part in protecting nature’s most precious and essential resource: water. National Groundwater Awareness Week is growing into a national movement as more and more national, state, and local promotional partners each year help to raise public awareness about groundwater and water well stewardship. NGWA applauds these and other organizations across the country and world that recognize the importance of groundwater in meeting human and environmental needs. Consider how your organization can help to educate the public about this vital resource! Those interested in becoming a National Groundwater Awareness Week promotional partner can contact NGWA Public Awareness Director Cliff Treyens at 800.551.7379 (614 898.7791), ext. 554, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Special Presentations in Tucson in recognition of National Groundwater Awareness Week at the Water Resources Research Center, 350 N. Campbell Ave., Tucson, 12:00 - 1:15 PM.

March 8: George Frisvold (UA Professor and Extension Specialist) will discuss the Economic Aspects of the Yuma Ag Case Study.

March 10: Sharon Megdal (WRRC) and Ken Seasholes (Central Arizona Project) will discuss Water Banking and Arizona's Framework for Groundwater Recharge and Recovery.

The WRRC offers remote access to these seminars via GoToWebinar. For details go to

3. Read about the Urban Agriculture Amendment on the Planning and Zoning Commission Website. See Item #4.