The Tanque Verde Valley Association is a group of volunteers who work together on issues affecting the entire Tanque Verde Valley.  The Association (TVVA) brings all valley residents and HOAs together under a single umbrella that can speak to issues affecting the entire Tanque Verde Valley.

The TVVA has been in continuous existence since its incorporation in 1947. The TVVA’s large membership and half century of experience in representing the interests of the Tanque Verde Valley community enable the TVVA to quickly and effectively mobilize to address problems and work towards solutions. The TVVA functions within and for the community on issues as simple as resolving poor road conditions and as far reaching as inappropriate area zoning changes.

Neighborhoods have repeatedly called upon the TVVA and its broader community base when they feel the need for a more powerful voice in representing their local concerns. We exist for the purpose of offering that unified voice on issues which impact our community and our valley.

Read our Bylaws here.

Read our Articles of Incorporation here.

Board Members
Peter Reinthal, President
Ken Wise, Treasurer
Lainie Levick, Secretary
Patty Popp
Gary Hix
Diana Jones
Lesley Lupo

The TVVA has been very active in supporting the community, providing a unified voice on a variety of issues, and notifying our community of important issues and happenings. Here is a brief list of past areas of involvement:

  • Maintaining the established zoning in the Tanque Verde Valley
  • Maintaining the SR (low density) zoning in areas surrounding the Saguaro National Park
  • Providing a public forum for issues and concerns of area residents. Political and community figures often address our annual general meeting to educate, inform, and answer questions
  • Supporting the local community in opposing proposals for incompatible projects to the character of the area
  • Protecting riparian habitats
  • Promoting the building of the Agua Caliente Bridge on Tanque Verde Road
  • Establishing bike paths and horse trails
  • Supporting the establishment of and contributing to the Kirk-Bear Canyon Library

If you would like to support this organization as a member, or would like to take a more active part on the Board of Directors, send an email to: info AT tvva DOT org

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The TVVA Brochure

The TVVA Brochure is now available for online viewing and downloading by clicking here.