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The Tanque Verde Valley Association (TVVA) is a group of volunteers who work together on issues affecting the entire Tanque Verde Valley. The TVVA brings all valley residents and HOAs together under a single umbrella that can speak to issues affecting the entire Tanque Verde Valley and East side of Tucson. Our purpose and objectives are to preserve and improve the inherent scenic, environmental, and ecological characteristics of this area and to support residents, property owners, and their associations to further this purpose. Our boundaries are the Coronado National Forest on the north and northeast, Saguaro National Park on the east, Pantano Road on the west, and Irvington Road on the south in Pima County, Arizona.

The TVVA has been in continuous existence since its incorporation in 1947 and is a nonprofit organization with no political affiliations or loyalties. The TVVA’s large membership and a half-century of experience in representing the interests of the Tanque Verde Valley community enable the TVVA to quickly and effectively mobilize to address problems and work towards solutions. The TVVA functions within and for the community on issues as simple as resolving poor road conditions and as far-reaching as inappropriate area zoning changes.

Neighborhoods regularly call upon the TVVA and its broader community base when they feel the need for a more powerful voice to represent their local concerns. The TVVA exists for the purpose of offering that unified voice on issues that impact our community and our valley and working with other HOAs and Neighborhood Associations in our area.

If you would like to become a member or find out how you can take a more active part on the Board of Directors, please send us an email.

Our by-laws and Articles of Incorporation are available for download in the left sidebar of this page.

Board of Directors
Board Members

Peter Reinthal, President
Lainie Levick, Treasurer
Sue Clark
Jeff Heath
JoAnn Trego
Jim Trego


TVVA Organizing Documents

Here are links to the organizing documents of the Tanque Verde Valley Association

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